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What are my options when I receive a traffic ticket?

Honestly, we think you have only one option, which is to take it to court. However, we will explain each option. If you pay the ticket then you admit guilt and will receive points. Additionally, your insurance company will be aware of the ticket and you face increased premiums (if the ticket does not carry points, then you still admit guilt and may face increased increase premiums).

Can I pay the ticket and elect school to avoid the points?

We do not recommend that option for tickets issued in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Specifically, if you elect school, then the ticket will automatically appear on your driving record. In addition, you are only allowed to elect school once a year and 5 times in your lifetime. Therefore, it is best to save the school election for the other counties. In other counties, most attorneys do not guarantee “no points” and one nearby county suspends licenses for those who speed.

Do we guarantee “no points” on all cases?

We guarantee “no points” in all cases EXCEPT criminal cases, speeding tickets 30 miles over the speed limit and above and accident cases with injuries ( We guarantee “no points” on accident cases without injuries).

Do I need to go to court?

In all traffic cases, we do not need your presence. However, if you received an accident ticket and did not cause the accident, then we want your testimony in court to assist your defense. However, your presence is not mandatory and if you can’t miss work then you do not need to attend court with me. In criminal cases, we do not need your presence except for a few situations. There are 2 Judges that will demand your presence. We will advise you if your case is scheduled in front of one of those Judges.

Will the points remain on my driver’s license?

When you first receive a ticket, then the ticket is pending…the ticket does not appear on your driver’s license until the case is resolved. If the ticket is dismissed then the ticket will not appear on your driver’s license. If it is not dismissed, then it will go on your driver’s license and stay for approximately 10 years.

My license is suspended, what should I do?

Each suspension is unique. Please call or email us to discuss your specific situation. Please have your license number handy when you call or provide it in your email.

My license is revoked for 5 years for a Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO), can I get my license back sooner?

In some situations we can vacate a plea of no contest or guilty that resulted in the HTO. Please call or email me to discuss as soon as possible because we have to file a request within a certain period of time for one charge. If we can vacate the plea then we will notify DMV to remove the HTO.

I have a ticket for driving on a suspend license without knowledge. My license was suspended at the time of the ticket, should I just pay the ticket?

No. That is crazy. If you have 3 driving on a suspended license tickets within 5 years, then you lose your license for 5 years (HTO). Driving on a suspended license without knowledge can get dismissed in court. If you pay it, then you admit guilt and then it counts toward the 3 within 5 years. We can’t tell you how many people make this mistake and then lose their license.

My license is suspended because I did not pay old traffic tickets. Can I just go to the courthouse and pay the tickets?

We strongly recommend against it. You will put yourself in big danger of losing your license for having too many points or getting a HTO with a 5 year license revocation. There is an easier and safer way to reinstate your license. Please call/email us to discuss.

My license is revoked for HTO, how long do I have to wait to get a hardship?

You are not eligible for a hardship for a whole year. However, if you get a ticket or caught driving within that year, then you must wait another year.

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Do not pay that traffic ticket without calling our office first! Call us to go over your options. If you pay a ticket you are admitting guilt and then your insurance will know about the ticket.