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Wave at the Hidden Police Cruiser

Wave at the hidden police cruiser! So your driving down the road a little faster than you should have been, and you spot a police officer’s car lurking behind some bushes. One of the smartest thing that you can do right then is to wave at the officer. Why? It may...

Traffic Tip of the Day

Traffic Tip 2 of the day! Find a “rabbit.” If you can’t find a pack of cars going the speed you’d like to maintain, the next best thing is to find yourself a rabbit — a solitary driver traveling the speed you’d like to drive that you can follow discretely, about...

Back to School

Back to School With back to school coming up soon, check out this article for some great information! Be careful when driving and let us know if you get a ticket so we can handle it right away! Click here for the SunSentinal article link.

New Driver in the Family?

New Driver in the Family> Is your child going to start learning to drive soon? Remember to set a good example. When you practice good driving skills, others will notice; especially if the “others” happen to be your children, you can unwittingly be teaching them...

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"Wave at the hidden police cruiser!"
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"Traffic Tip of the Day!"
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"New driver in the family?"
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Do not pay that traffic ticket without calling our office first! Call us to go over your options. If you pay a ticket you are admitting guilt and then your insurance will know about the ticket.